The Best Tent for Family Camping

Last Updated December 2021

For an outdoor lover who likes to camp out, you can conquer with me that the weather elements at in the wild at times and at night might not be as forgiving as they are during the day. With only personal clothing, the winds and the cold biting may be too much to bear, and even more discomforting if the rain decides to pour. This, therefore, necessitates the need to have a means of protection. Moreover, what is suited best than a tent? Thanks to their adaptability and functionality in such situations, it becomes your most reliable first line of defense against the harsh outdoors.

How to Choose a Camping Tent

A camping tent is merely just a camping tent. Therefore, while looking to buy one, there several aspects that you need to consider into being able to get the right tent that suits your needs. Below are the main aspects that you need to understand to be able to make the right purchase.

  • Tent capacity

The number of people a tent can comfortably hold is a paramount aspect you need to consider while making a tent purchase. The size can range from a one-person camp tent to whatever a sizeable tent that can comfortably hold a family or more. It is therefore critical for you to be a little bit certain to what the tents users will be to avoid crumpling up inside a small tent. For the minimalists, a small one is always a comfortable choice while for those with cluster phobia, a bigger one may be advisable but in turn, it reduces the portability of the same.

  • Durability

Durability is an aspect that you will need to consider when deciding to make such a hefty investment on buying a tent. Therefore, it is paramount that you opt for the longer lasting fabrics and support structure that can withstand the harsh reality of the wild and persevere through storms and all manner of ill handling without denting the quality. Keeping in mind that the tent keeps you safe away from Mother Nature’s elements, spending a little more on quality will not break the bank as it pays in the end.

  • Weight

A tent is meant for people on trips or excursion out in the wild. Such a trip requires many things to be carried. Therefore, a tent being one of the luggage, it needs to be of a sizeable volume as space saving is concern and light as possible to reduce the overall weight of the luggage. This goes a long way to a smooth camping bearing in mind that each and every one might have to walk to the area where you to camp. The last thing you need is a tent weighing you down due to its weight forcing you to forfeit other important things that are needed for the trip.

  • Color

A tent color can be influenced by a variety of factors ranging from personal preferences to the nature of the terrain or camping site. You can pick any color combination in a way intended to make a personal statement or choose to go with the more subtle color ranges or even a camouflage when you want to be least conspicuous in the wild. However, it is important to be on the safe side in the wild by picking something that will blend in with the surroundings to avoid being conspicuous and maybe creating distractions.

  • Tent seasonality

As I had mentioned, a tent is made to protect against the elements while in the wild. The tents manufacturers notice a gap while they making ordinary tents for use. The ordinary tent cannot cope with all Mother Nature can throw at it. We have tents in different categories that are customized to deal with each extreme weather element including rain, cold, heat and wind. The tents are available in:

 3-Season Tents

3 Season Tents

This is the most popular tent choice and can be considered as the standard. It was designed for the relatively hot conditions that we experience in spring, summer, and fall. They feature mesh side opening that allows free flow of air that enhances cooling in the hot season. The mesh also acts as a screen that prevents the insects from accessing the tent at night. However, it is no cure for the dust, you might find it hard to deal with windy and sandy can withstand mild rainfalls as it has a taut rainfly fitted onto of it. However, it cannot withstand extreme windy and stormy conditions or heavy snowfalls during winter. In summary, the tent is ideal for situations such as:

  1. Shelter during light downpours and snowfall
  2. When you need privacy while camping.
  3. A safe barrier from bugs while in the wild

 3- 4-Season Tents

They are a modification of the standard tent to serve you better when it has a little bit messy in the wild. It comes with butter and sturdier support that can support the tent in stormy situations and has less ventilation. This allows for a good balance between ventilation and retention of warmth inside the tent. It can be used in high altitude areas and is an ideal tent for use in early spring or late fall. This is when we can experience moderate snowfall that is accentuated with cold breezes.

 4-Season Tents

This tent has been engineered to handle all manner of elements in gigantic proportions. It can comfortably shelter you against storms and even heavy snowfalls. It features stronger and robust support and much denser fabric that is insulated to keep the warmth in and waterproofed to protect against water seepage. It has been fitted with a bigger rainfly that extends close to the ground. It might not be the perfect way to ventilate the inside of the tent, but when the strong blizzards or winds blow past in rainy conditions, you can be sure that you will still stay warm inside the tent. It has a more rounded shape on the top to avoid collecting water or snow as it falls right off after it perches on the tent roof.

Key features of a camping tent

  • Tent height

As we mention in the first point about size, the height is also an important factor. For the taller and the cluster phobic people, a higher tent roof may be the ideal choice. It also brings about comfort as it allows for a more ergonomic sitting position in the tent and allows more air among other factors. For the minimalist, a short roofed-tent may be the pick. A smaller tent traps less air and is easy to keep warm compared to the spacious high roofed tent. The height is affected by the tent design. There two common tents designs namely:

  1. Cabin-style-has nearly vertical tent walls and optimizes on the peak height.
  2. Dome-style- it has a curved roof that minimizes on the overall height. It, however, has several advantages compared to the cabin style tent. It offers superior support against ghosting winds and heavy snowfall as it can maintain the dome shape even under stress loads.
  • Tent Floor liners

The predictability of the camping site ground condition can be quite a gamble. Therefore, having a tent floor can be a reassuring gesture if anything is to happen. If it rained and the ground soaked with water before you did set up your tent or the ground has a thick snow cover, the floor can help in providing for a dry and clean surface to lay.

It also offers protection from dangerous bugs or crawling insects that might have found their way into the tent as it seamlessly connects with the upper tent to leave no gap. It is better to be safe than sorry especially with poisonous insects bites in the middle of nowhere. You can choose from a polythene and polyurethane tents floors that are available in the market. Polyurethane is made of coated nylon and polyester tent floors tend to be lighter, more compact and durable with superior waterproofing abilities than polyethylene floors liners whose effectiveness is usually short-lived.

  • Tent openings and exits

The number of openings in a tent is dependent on the size, shape, and seasonality of a tent. For a bigger tent, it is more likely to have more provisions for doors and openings to cater for the increased number of occupants effectively and vice versa for a smaller tent, not forgetting the seasonality aspect of a tent is also factored in this scenario. However, the number of openings may be availed as they can be closed when not in need.

Therefore, for the bigger tents, it is wise to insist opt for the tent with many openings to always cater to the need when it arises. It helps easy movements inside the tent especially during nature calls for the little ones.

The nature of the opening and closing of the openings is very crucial. The zipper mode is the most preferred closure system as it has better sealing capabilities and does resist snagging comped to other modes of shutting the openings.

  • Tent support structure

A tent’s strength solely depends on the support structure it employs. Some tents just use ropes and pegs while some employ the use of carbon fiber or aluminum support struts. The poles supported tents can bear more load and survive harsher situations than the simple set up rope and pegs.

However, the more support structure a tent has, the more complicated the setup procedure is and it takes a little more time to set up than the ropes and peg.

Despite the complexity, many of the tent manufacturers have devised foolproof mechanisms that allow for an easy and quick set up especially if you are in a hurry. They made sure that they use clips, short and long poles that can be color-coded to ease the process.

  • Rainfly

The rainfly is a cover top that comes on top of the tents. It is important to note that the rainfly is a separated tent fabric added on top of the tent. It functions by proving cover for the tent from the elements such as rain and draught as the wind blows past your tent. This is necessary as it helps in regulation of the temperature inside the tent by providing an extra cover on the openings and the roof. Compared to the only tent roofing which is poor protection against rain and light, the rainfly stands a better chance in the wild. Therefore, while making the choice, always go for the tent with a rainfly that extends to almost the entire cover of the tent for maximum protection from wind and rain.

  • Tent fabric

A tent is as good as the fabric from which the tent is made from. The quality of the fabric goes hand in hand with the quality of the final product. Less dense fabric results in a less protective tent skin that is prone to water leakages and loss of warmth from inside the tent. On the other hand, the denser fabric makes better tent skin that is capable of insulating against heat loss from the inside and provides better waterproofing capabilities too.

The tent fabric should also be resistant to UV degradation to increase its durability and avoid loss of color.

  • Vestibules / Garage

Having an extra space for keeping your personal effects is as important as the tent itself. Therefore, a tent that comes with extensions or awnings attaches to your tent for storing your personal effects can be very important especially in rain, snowy or even in crowded campsites. It provides for privacy, security as you can be sure your important survival and personal effects are well kept.

The tent should also make provisions such as hanging spots from the ceiling for one to attach or hang a lantern at night. It helps keep the already cramped space well organized. Therefore, a tent that makes provision for such can be very handy in such situations.

  • Guy-out Loops

During hot and windy situation, the opened tent flats might be bothersome to the quiet and tranquil of the wild out. Therefore, the need to secure them against the tent arises. I would advise getting a tent with the provisions such as loops outside to help secure the flaps while they opened.

Optional Tent Accessories

Other additional accessories that you may need to include while getting your tent include:

  • A doormat-to allow you to access the tent especially for the short tents as you may need to kneel while accessing the tent
  • Tent repair kit- to make any minor repairs that may be necessitated such as leaks from the roof.
  • Stakes and anchors -to help secure the tent while out and facing in very harsh conditions
  • Broom and dustpan-to help clean the after your mess in the tent
  • Seam sealer- to patch up any open seam or zipper that may be allowing water or a breeze past it
  • Utility cord-to facilitate lighting and charging of a phone or any other electrical equipment
  • Gear loft-provide extra space for your luggage
  • Battery-powered ventilation fan- to help in air circulation especially in extreme weather were opening up the tent may result in catastrophic consequences.

Distinguishing the benefits of Small vs. Large Camping Tents

It is what I refer to as Ying and Yang in tents. One tent is another man’s meat to those with large families of a group while it could be poison when there is one person and does not need it and vice versa. However, there some universal benefits to having either a big or a smaller tent, it is that you have a shelter while out camping.

Large Camping Tents

Nevertheless, when we get into the practical details, there several benefits to having a larger camping tent in comparison to the smaller camping tent. They include:

  • You have ample space to house several people, could be your family or friends
  • It is comfortable as there is space to move around an even be able sitting positions
  • It has more storage room for storing personal effects or the traveling gear

Some disadvantages of having a bigger tent include:

  • Being a big tent translates to a bigger package that could occupy a lot of space while packing
  • From the fact that the tent packing is big, it tends to weigh more thus heavier to carry around

All the same, their advantages of having a smaller tent compared to a bigger tent. They include:

  • It is a smaller package compared to a bigger tent thus occupy a smaller space
  • A smaller package translates to the reduction of weight of the entire tent package

Some demerits of having a small tent include:

  • Limited living space that can only accommodate one or two people
  • Has less space to store keep the other survival gears and personal items
  • Less comfortable as there isn’t enough room to sit or move properly

Top camping tents in different categories

Best Camping Tent on a Tight Budget

cheap Camping Tents

Coleman Instant Tent 6

Product description

Looking for the easy and fast way out, the Coleman Instant Tent is the camping tent for you. It comes already installed, all that is needed is just unfolding the package and fitting in the poles which support the structure with a reinforcement of ropes pegged into the ground. The entire structure takes less than 10 minutes and you will be good to go. It is also possible to cut that time in less than half if you get a pair of helping hands.

It is a cabin-styled tent, which features nearly vertical walls and is spacious enough with enough room to house up to eight people inside.


The Coleman instant tent measures 14 feet in length by 10 feet across a height of with 6-foot 5-inch at the center weighing in at 36 pounds, which provides ample to fit in 2 queens sized air mattress or space for about 8 people.

It is also made of a durable material; the 150D material that can withstand the elements full wrath over many years without giving in. it is waterproof to protect the interior of the tent. It is also has a strong exo-frame that provides enough support from gusts of winds.

It also features protected seams that have been sown facing the interior to hide the needle holes and reduce water seepage. It also has a flap onto of the zippers to the opening that also avoid water from penetrating into the tent while it rains.

It also has a patented flooring liner under the name, WeatherTec system that has been proven to keep the tent floor dry even on soggy grounds.

It also features large windows that are fitted with a screen that keep the bugs away while letting in fresh air for breathing and cooling too.


  • Spacious enough to house many people
  • Employs innovative techniques to avoid water from seeping into the tent
  • It is easy to set up as it comes well packed and pre-attached
  • It has a screen on the windows to keep the insects out but allow ventilation at the same time
  • Features a string exo-frame that can withstand high winds
  • Comes with a waterproof floor liner for use on wet grounds
  • It is lightweight


  • Does not come with a rainfly installed
  • The cabin-style make suffers strength issues when compared to the dome-styled shape tents

Top Pick for Weather Resistance

Best Weather Resistant Camping Tent

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6

Product Description

Most of us love camping. Camping requires a lot of preparation. The weather keeps on changing from time to time and this is normally a great challenge to most campers. This situation calls for the best camping equipment available. The better the equipment the better the experience. The need for a strong and durable tent arises. A good tent ensures a fun and comfortable stay in the outdoors


The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 is one of the best all-out season tents. It is a great choice for an all-out family snow camping trip. It has a ‘kids room’ or otherwise a storage compartment at the back. The whole tent folds into a handy carrying case, which makes it easy to carry around during camping trips. The tent stands at 5’6” in the main room and 4’1” in the other back room. The tent has color-coded poles and corners that help in setting up the tent faster. The tent is generally big and has a versatile vestibule. It also has a low ceiling.


  • Good for family snow camping trips.
  • Convenient for carrying around.
  • Folds into a simple carrying bag.
  • Comes with coded poles and corners that aid in setting it up.
  • Highly spacious.
  • Comes with a storage compartment at the back.
  • Can withstand diverse weather conditions.
  • It has a low profile and reliable guylines to keep it stable in high winds.


  1. Has a short internal height for both rooms.
  2. Highly involving set up.

Best Large Camping Tent

Looking for the best largest camping tent? Do not worry we have you covered. You can try these two tents and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Core 9 person extended dome large camping tent.
  2. Ntk Laredo GT 8 to nine person’s large camping tent.

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Large Camping Tent

This is a tent whose design won’t blow your mind from afar but it is the best large camping tent there is. The core 9 people extended dome is durable. The tent does its job more efficient than other large camping tents making it the best large camping tent. It is easy to set up and take down and when folded it is easy to carry around.

Product features

This is one of the best large camping tents. It is rectangular in design. The midpoint is higher with a stylish dome design that tapers towards the ends. It has an easy setup rainfly under any weather conditions. A good-sized door that eases movement in and out of the tent.

Has a fully functioning venting system that rids the tent of stale air even when it’s fully occupied.

The tent weighs in at 20.6lbs, making one of the lightest in the category putting in mind the capacity of the tent.


  1. Easy to set up and take down.
  2. When the tent is folded it’s easily carried around.
  3. Large interior space.
  4. The rainfly that keeps water from entering into the tent.
  5. Properly functioning venting system that keeps the air fresh even when the tent is fully packed and the windows closed.
  6. It has a built in gear loft and lantern hook


  1. The rainfly should be made bigger to avoid leakage during a heavy downpour.
  2. The total interior space should be increased.

NTK Laredo GT 8 TO 9 Person Large Camping Tent

Product Description

This is the best large camping tent. NTK made the tent intended for use in the Amazon. There is no need for you asking questions about its ventilation and rain protection.

Product features

The NTK Laredo GT is a large measuring 10.2 feet by 15 feet, almost the size of a small living room making it very spacious for a camping tent.

It also features a tent fabric that meets the CPAI-84 tent flammability standard that increases your safety in case there is a fire inside the tent.

This tent is well built to withstand some of the most adverse weather conditions like a heavy downpour. It comes with a heavy-duty bag for easy transportation.

It has a stylish rainfly that gives it a unique and compelling design. The tent has a superior ventilation system that allows proper airflow within the tent for comfort and avoiding stuffiness while crumpled up inside.

It has nano-flex fiberglass pole that makes it able to stand even at strong winds without bending or breaking. This frame can withstand stresses from strong winds and even snowfall during light snowfalls.

The tent weighs in at 25 pounds, which is quite, and impressive weight to space ratio bearing in mind it can hand more than eight people comfortably.

The cost for the tent is at less than $200 making it one of the best deals. Product characteristics make the tent to be the best large camping tent.


  1. Raised center section to over 6 feet to accommodate most tall campers.
  2. The ventilation system ensures a cool and relaxing atmosphere in the tent during hot nights and days.
  3. The rainfly provides full coverage of the tent with 190T laminated polyester rain protection and UV protection.
  4. The floor is made of polyurethane infused with anti-fungal properties thus ensuring protection from fungal infections.


  1. It is only a two-season tent and cannot be taken on a winter expedition.
  2. Weighing in at 25 pounds, it is not one of the lightest of the tents there is in the market.

2-Person Backpacking Camping Tents

Tent shopping can be a tedious and mind puzzling activity even after you have already made a decision on the brand and model of the text you want. This is due to the numerous factors that come into play during the planning phase of the expedition.

  1. The number of people that will be going on the outing is one of the key factors. The quickest way is to thin out your tent options is having the correct number of people that you need the tent to fit. You also need to keep in mind that some backpacking tents set out to minimize weight hence; some of the two-person tent models will be small
  2. Whether you go car camping or backpacking frequently. This deals with the choice between comfort and liveability against the heavy gear.
  3. The amount of money to be spent. Long lasting gear is expensive. They act as an investment in that you won’t have to replace them in the near future. We’ve got you covered with the following

Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL 2

Product Description

Camping is always a load of fun with two or more people. The correct tent for the expedition is always the vital equipment. Worry not for we’ve got you covered. We give you the Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL 2, a tent with a level of elegance and more space to be fit all you and your friends’ needs for the best outdoor experience of your lifetime.

Product features

Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL 2 is an incredibly light two-person backpacking camping tent. When packed, it only weighs in at about 2 pounds, similar to the trail weight and about one pound fast flyweight.

It has a multiple pitch option ranging from a sweet mesh body design to a reliable rain fly that protects from rainfall splashes and even cold breezes going past your tent.

The Tiger Wall UL 2 has a directional single pole design, rather than having six attachment points, there are on five of these points. This allows for the easy and quick erection of the tent when at the camping site.

It has a more angular defined foot for the base of the tent that provides more sturdiness to the tent to brave through even the roughest of the mighty winds.


.Quick and easy to set up.

.On a rain-free night, one can view the sky from the comfort of the tent.

.The top mesh is see-through.

.The silicone treated rip-stop is easy to set up.

.The polyurethane coating is 1200mm waterproof.

.The fly provides vestibules for gear pack and boot storage.

.Has a dual zipper one on the X-axis and another on the Y-axis

. Breathable mesh tent body

.A durable floor that lasts for weeks.


  1. The bottom of the tent is tighter.
  2. Headphones-compatibility pockets to the tent were an overkill.

Best camping Tent for Stargazing

Having a tent is one thing and choosing the right place to camp is another. After finding a good spot with the least of vegetation and cloud cover, you can pitch the tent, look up at the sky, and enjoy the unfathomable universe. The tent suited best for the task should have a retractable top cover and a meshed second layer, which allows for a good watching screen with the least of distractions.

The best camping tent for star gazing should have the following features:

  • Should have an open roof that to give way for the viewing of the starts while lying on the back. It is always advised to pick a tent that has a retractable rainfly that can be removed and replaced.
  • The opening should be meshed too to protect yourself from the bugs or insects that can become a nuisance at night.
  • Should have a floor liner that is comfortable and waterproof at the same time. The last thing you would want is getting a wet back while lying on the ground.
  • The tent should be long enough to accommodate your entire length while you lay on your back. Being restricted to a knee up position for long times can be quite discomforting.

Best Basecamp Camping Tent

Slumberjack Daybreak 4

Product description

The Slumberjack Daybreak is a tent that can comfortably house up to four people inside it. It is made in a dome style shape and a surprisingly high roof that allows for comfort while intent. The tent emerges top of the list while using the cost as it is cheap and serves the purpose just right.


It comes with two top covers, a meshed layer that can be covered over by a retractable rainfly while not out start gazing or when raining. The rain fly can also turn into a vestibule when the double zippers are opened and it is converted into an awning. The rainfly is made of a heavy-duty material for increased durability.

The tent comes with an exoskeleton frame that increases tent volume and headroom than if they were on the inside of the tent.

It is also easy and simple to set up as it comes with shock-corded fiberglass frame poles that are fool proof and fit into each other with little or no persuasion.

It also features a large D-shaped opening that cats a door too and makes it easy to exit or enter into the tent even for taller people.

The tent also has a second layer of full mesh interior walls that are excellent ventilation and stargazing too.

Tent light loop and clothesline loops in the pear of the tent

There also several interior storage pockets that provide room to keep personal things in a well-organized manner. It also has stakes and reflective guylines for further reinforcement once pitched and the package comes with bags included.

The material is made of a fire retardant 66D polyester taffeta material in case they are a fire outbreak thus provide for increased safety.

The tent weighs in at 9 lbs and 15 oz making one of the lightest tents there is in the market in this category.


  • The tent wall, one made of a mesh and the other made of a no-see-through polyester
  • Has a retractable rainfly that can be installed and removed when needed.
  • Made of a fire redundant polyester
  • Comes with interior storage pockets installed
  • Comes with a waterproof floor liner
  • Lightweight tent when packed
  • The dome shape and the exoskeleton that offers more strength against winds and bearing down weights


  • The one opening may not be adequate especially if you are living with four grown-ups in the tent. Movement can be quite restricted.

Best Family Tents for Camping

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent

Product description

The Coleman brand never disappoints, and this is one of their great tent designs and functionality when it comes to size. The tent can hold up to 10adults and can be stand up with ease at its tent height reaches up to 6 feet and 8 inches at the center. Its mega size can also fit in three queen airbeds with space to spare. It is a good pick if you planning to camp with friends or tagging your family with you or have quite some gear to keep inside the tent. You will barely notice you not in a house but in a tent.


It has a rainfly that comes with the package that brings about more protection against the rain and wind.

It is also equipped with a retractable mesh roof made of the 68-denier polyester mesh inner tent that can be opened to let in sunlight during the sunny days.

The floor and the floor liner has been designed from a 1,000-denier polyethylene floor to keep moisture out the tent, you can be sure to stay dry all night.

The polyester tent fabric is, made of taffeta 75D and a 450 mm PU coating that helps improve on the natural feel and insulation too.

I also feature leak-proof seams by hiding the stitches inside the tent. The zippers come with a cover protection to prevent water from leaking through the zipper line.

It also has strong11-millimeter fiberglass poles that provide the sturdiness required to brave through strong winds and heavy snowfalls.

To ease your mind too and let you enjoy your camping, the manufacturer has a one-year limited warranty o the tent in case there any manufacturing defects within the period.


  • Made of high-quality polyester material that is long lasting
  • The coated polyester material helps in improving insulation in the tent
  • The exoskeleton and the dome style design provides for a rigid and sturdy tent structure
  • It comes with a one-year warrant form the manufacturer


  • It weighs in at 36 pounds, which makes it heavier than other tents
  • The floor liner might not be durable as it starts to seep water after prolonged use

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent for 10

Product description

The tent is nearly the same size as the WeatherMaster measuring in at 18 feet by 6.3 feet and 10 feet in width. The Grand Pass has its selling point as the storage it has an innovative design that allows it to roll up and pack neatly into a duffel formation thus making it easy to carry.


The tent is made of lightweight nylon material and it weighs in at only 26 pounds when packed making it very portable.

It is also spacious enough at about 170 square inches and can hold up a family of up to seven people comfortably inside.

It comes with a shock-corded fiberglass frame and pin-and-ring system that allows for easy pitching in the shortest time possible.

It also has a large mesh roof vents on the sides and windows too that are excellent in ventilating the tent during hot seasons

The tent features two large D-style doors that come with a patented hooped fly frame design that bring better protection during the rainy days.

The floor is made of welded polyethylene that has improved on the waterproofing qualities for increased durability.


  • A large tent that provides ample living space within the tent
  • Made of coated nylon that increases durability and improves on insulation properties
  • Lightweight
  • Two large D shaped doors that provide for easy access and exit
  • The welded seams that are effective in sealing the tent against water seepage inside


  • It has a weak flooring and may require you to lay down an extra material, as it might be as effective in preventing water seepage with prolonged use

Best Tent Accessories for Experts and Newbie Campers

Coleman Accy Rainfly Instant 8 Person Tent Accessory

Product description

It is by far the easier tent for any newbie or caper to set up according to my perspective. It is also quite affordable in comparison to other tent options of the same caliber in matters size and quality in the market.


The Coleman Accy Rainfly Instant 8 Person Tent is a double walled tent as it has an inner layer that makes the tent and a rainfly that can be installed on top of it. This gives it better waterproofing capabilities in case it rains and provide more padding in case of a snowfall.

It also features non-leak seams that are carefully sown and are made to face in the inside of the tent to avoid water seeping into the interior of the tent dry even water is dripping on the tent’s fabric on the outside.

This also improves the insulation, as less heat is lost between the double walls of the tent.

The tent is also voluminous as it can hold up to eight people comfortably, therefore, the best option if you are traveling in numbers or with the family.

Despite is a large size, the tent light weighs making it easy to transport in a car with limited space to save.

It is also easy to pitch up, as it requires no expertise, just simple step to erect the tent straight and you good to go.

The tent features some innovative Weather Tec system design that employs the use of with thick waterproof walls and welded floor to prevent water from seeping into the tent


The thick double wall that improves on waterproofing capabilities and insulation

Large interiors pace that host up to eight people


The rainfly is sold separately at the retailer’s shops thus the need to dig more into your pocket

Coleman Youth Self-Inflating Camp Pad

Product description

The word comfort and camping are not the best of friends. However, to bring the idea of home comfort to the wild while sleeping, the Coleman youth self-inflating camp pad is the closest accessory to it. It gives you a good night mattress feel for a sweet relaxing sleep instead of laying on the bare hard earth.


The self-inflating camp pads feature a Free Flow Valve for Inflation and Deflation purposes. You require no pump for the process. The valve is very effective as it eases the inflation process to a point where you can leave your kids to do it on the own and still get it right. It never gets simpler than that.

It is made of a polyester shell that is waterproof thus; eliminating the fear of getting wet was you lay during the night. It is therefore easy to maintain and doubles the durability of the camping pad.

It has an innovative storage design that incorporates the use of a hook and an elastic loop that allows folding up when deflated and roiling it up to a manageable size easy to handle. Combined with the lightweight material it is constructed from, it only weights at 1.6 pounds, which is very light, carries around.

It also comes with a one year’s warranty from the manufacturer to ease your trouble in case the product is defective on the purchase or during use within the years limit.



Made of durable and waterproof material

Easy to inflate

Folds and packs into a small manageable size


Might feel cold toile on the polyester material without using any fabric on top

SE 9NRC10 Galvanized Non-Rust Tent Peg Stakes with Green Stopper

Product description

The worst that could happen to ruin a good camping out is a failing tent wall. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather and camping ground, even the best of the tent may show some weakens. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you invest in good anchoring gear. This accessory helps provide the extra needed support to your tent when under the mercies of the stress by Mother Nature. The SE 9NRC10 Galvanized Non-Rust Tent Peg Stakes that have a green Stopper set could do the job for you.


The pegs have a hook and an eye that gives you options on how to latch you tent support rope in a manner that might be best to secure it. It also provides a leeway for many rope sizes

It also has a sharp point on the end that makes it easy to drive it into the ground no matter nature. The peg has a milled shank has a diameter of 8 mm and give a rough finish that does not allow sliding even on slipper ad wet grounds.

It is also made of galvanized steel that is resistant to rust thus improving on the durability of the peg. The initial purchase of the 20 set pegs might last you nearly a lifetime.

The head or the peg is also made of hard thermoplastic PVC material that is fire resistant and to give it the rugged finish and therefore does not risk damage while hammering.

The pegs also have the SE is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law.


Are long enough to sink deep into the ground for maximum support

They have a roughly milled shank to provide for grip while in wet ground to avoid sliding out

Have a thermoplastic PVC head that can survive hammering multiple times with the risk of being damaged

The plastic head also provide for a good rope attachment point


They are quite heavy once packed which adds onto the weight of the tent

SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light

Product description

In the pitch dark of the night, our vision can be challenged and this makes it hazardous and unsafe. Therefore, there is a need to have proper illumination at night.

I would recommend the SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light as it has been the most reliable source of light in the night I have come across as a regular camper. The SUBOOS ultra bright LED tent light is a great option.


The light comes with 60 LEDs lights that can achieve a maximum of 230 Lumens. This makes it one of the brightest light in the market enough to give the real effect of a daylight sun. It can also illuminate up to a distance of 50 feet away so that you never miss whatever is close by.

The SUBOOS LED tent lamp is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which can keep going for almost the whole night. It also provides for use of three AAA batteries in case there is a shortage of electricity to recharge the battery.

The battery has three level of brightness you could adjust to suit the need. While in the tent, you could use the lowest setting lighting option, which provides for illumination in a small space without affecting the eyes. While out, you could opt for the second setting or the highest setting depending on the distance you looking to illuminate.

It also comes with a hanging loop that allows for easy hanging while working. it also has a long life span and comes with a satisfaction warranty within 60 days and a warranty running for a full year for any factory defect or premature failure.


Has three brightness level for adaptability

Long lifespan LED bulbs

Long battery life that could last up to a night

Has a hanging clip for easy installation

Can be powered by a rechargeable battery or removal batteries


It has a circular shape that could make handling difficult

It is too wide, at 11 cm to be carried around

Best way to clean a tent for camping

Just as any house needs care and maintenance’s, the tent does too. However, tent maintenance depends on the tent fabric. The cotton fabric in tents requires more attention compared to the other fabrics. All you need to get started is:

  • Water
  • Detergents or any other recommended chemical
  • Brush for scrubbing

Cotton fabric tents

Cotton fabric is made from plant fiber which puts the tent under the degradable materials when exposed to conditions that could lead to decay and degeneration. This includes water and sunlight that could lead to the growth of mold or fungus which help in the decay of the tent cotton fibers.

Cotton Fabric Camping Tents

It is important, therefore; too dry any cotton fabric tent once used to ensure the water that had soaked into the fabric dries off completely to avoid a conducive environment for the bacteria’s or the fungus colonies to thrive.

Treating or washing the tent occasionally with chemicals to improve on waterproofing abilities, clean and strip off any dirt or stains and to kill any colonies of bacteria starting too may go a long way in maintaining the tent in sound condition.

You can do this using a high-pressure hose and clean off any dirt or wash with a brush and scrub the tent and rinse off the chemical to finish.

Polyester tents

The polyester fabric is made of nylon that is both waterproof and does not degrade due to exposure to bacteria’s attack. This, therefore, makes the maintenance more or less carefree. Drying the tent fabric on the sun might be one way to do the job as you could wipe the water off the tent by a towel and you are done.

It is, however, important to ensure that you dry the tent completely to avoid bad smell that could be generated from the trapped water after being worked on some anaerobic bacteria. The last thing you need while in a tent is a foul smell emanating from your own tent.

You can clean the tent the same way as the cotton fabric tent using water and a hose and scrub the polyester gently with a soft brush to dislodge any stuck stains and dirt before drying and packing.

What is the best material for a camping tent?

The answer to this depends on the application of the tent. There different fabrics that are used in the making of the tents. Tentmakers have their own pick and branding of the fabric for their specific products, which plays a huge part in contributing to the price difference you see on the products. However, these products can be broadly classified into three categories namely:

  • Cotton or canvas
  • Polyester and polyester
  • Poly-cotton

Each of the tent fabric has its merits and demerits, and the secrets lie in finding the perfect balance to get the best characteristics from all of them.

Cotton or canvas fabric

Canvas is the traditional tent fabric, and it has many great properties useful for a camping tent. However, the merits attract some demerits too.

Why Cotton pick a cotton fabric tent

  • Cotton offers better insulation properties when compared to other tent materials. T, therefore, best suited to cold and breezy areas.
  • Cotton fabric is sown and during the process leaves micro-openings that make it breathable. It is also able to absorb water easier than it soaks up any water that may form inside the tent due to condensation.
  • Due to its denser properties, it makes less rattling noises as the wind blows past thus quitter nights in windy areas.
  • The cotton fabric does not degenerate from the UV light exposure, only fades off the color. It is therefore durable compared to other tent fabrics.

The smell of a new tent can be quite unbearable. However, comparing the cotton and other tent fabrics, the cotton is much bearable.

Reasons why not to pick a cotton fabric tent

  • A cotton fabric is not waterproof thus can soak in water that can later drip into the tent.
  • The cotton fabric is much dense and is bulky. This makes it a little heavier than the polyester and nylon fabrics. It makes it problematic during transportation and storage space.
  • The cotton fabrics require little more than pitching after buying one. This involves wetting it or leaving it in the rain to seal stitched holes as it expands to avoid leaks while out camping.
  • It requires intensive care and more maintenance because it absorbs water and requires to be dried before storing it to avoid the growth of mildew on the fabric. Once dirt, it requires a more intensive wash and it takes longer to dry than other fabrics too.
  • A tear on the fabric can progress quickly once it happens and its repairs involve a complicated sewing process.
  • It is more costly compared than the cheaper fabrics that are synthetic fabrics.

However, with increased innovations, manufacturers have come up with several means to doctor the shortcomings of the canvas without overwriting its important properties.


Bearing in mind that breathability is one of the important aspects of a cotton fabric in a tent, waterproofing it without compromising on the same becomes a thin line to walk for manufactures. However, they have been able to waterproof treatment to individual fabrics of the cotton while reduces their water absorbing tendencies while maintaining the ability to breathe .this allows water to bead on the tent surface and roll down without wetting the canvas. This comes as a huge relief as it saves you drying time, unlike the untreated cotton tents. You can worry less while at a camping site that requires you to be cleared out by 10 am in the morning, you never get caught up by the call.

Nylon and polyester fabrics

Many of the tents available are made of either polyester or nylon fabric. There several advantages to these fabrics.

Why go for Nylon or Polyester tent fabrics

  • Relatively cheaper than the cotton fabric as it made from readily accessible materials and is produced in bulk.
  • They are less dense in comparison to cotton and thus are lighter. It makes them easy to carry especially when bag packing. It can also fit in smaller spaces making it easy to transport in a small family car with limited space.
  • They can quickly dry out than the cotton. If, they can be wiped dry and you are good too. The leave camp call will never get you late trying to air dry your tent ever.
  • It attracts less maintenance as it tears can be patched up quickly with glue and a patch and its good as new.

Reasons not to pick a nylon or polyester is not the best tent fabric

  • They are not good insulators compared to cotton fabrics, as they are thin and conduct heat faster. It gets colder faster inside the tent when the surroundings get chilly when it gets cold.
  • They are not breathable and therefore require ventilation or else might suffocate the occupants.
  • They deteriorate and lose color when they are exposed to UV light from the sun. This deterioration affects the durability.
  • Being lightweight in nature, they tend to flap more even is slow winds giving a rattle sound that be quite discomforting especially in the quiet dark nights while looking forward to sleep.

Similarly, the manufacturer has come with remedies to sort some demerits of the nylon and polyester tent fabrics. They include:

UV light protection

During the fabric processing, the raw material is mixed with UV resistant chemicals that help them resist better UV degradation improving their durability.


There also have been developments that have merged the two fabrics to create poly-cotton in a quest to get the best of both fabrics.

The hybrid fabric is made from cotton with stands of polyester weaved into the fabric.

The final fabric possesses all the good qualities of cotton combined with those that are exhibited by polyester fabrics too. Such include:

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Strong and durable
  • Waterproofing capabilities
  • A good level of breathability

To answer the question, what is the best fabric? You have to put several factors into consideration by asking yourself the following fundamental questions regarding the weather:

  • Will it be cold or warm where you intend to camp?
  • Will be raining or dry open skies?
  • How is the terrain you are going to pitch your tent?
  • What are the available means of transporting or carrying the tent?
  • Facilities at the campsite or will it be in the wild?

The answers to these questions will be critical to helping you make the right decision.


It is clear that different camping seasons need different tents to suit the circumstances. It is therefore paramount to identify the critical aspects that will pave the way towards being able to acquire the right camping gear to ensure that outdoor is nothing but a bliss interaction with nature, not end up tragic. Have fun while as you plan and go for your next camp out.